Frequently Asked Questions

What is a proxy and what are they in the context of sneakers/clothing? Why do I need them?

Proxies are servers or middlemen that connects you to a website like Adidas, Nike or Shopify sites. Servers are just computers, to put it simply. You need proxies to be able to run multiple tasks.

You need servers if you
  • a) Have a slow computer that can't handle a lot of tasks
  • b) If you're far from your proxies
  • c) If your internet is slow

Which proxies should I use?

Fastest proxy locations (via Oculus)
  • a) SHOPIFY - Chicago (60-80 MS from a Chicago Server). Shopify has recently updated their servers and VA is a great option paired with an AWS Server
  • b) SUPREME - New York (10-15 MS from a Server)
  • NIKE - Speed is not a factor since drops are generally draws, we provide SNKRS proxies on our legacy site ,
  • d) ADIDAS - Speed is not a factor due to waiting room

Which proxies work on what sites?

The site list changes and some proxies may work on other sites but due to bans, we can only 100% guarantee Shopify. Please refer to discord for updated information
  • a) NY Proxies - Works on Shopify
  • b) Chicago Proxies - Works on Shopify
  • c) VA Proxies - Works on Shopify

Why Choose us?

We have a stellar customer service team and the fastest proxies out on the market, period. They are all dedicated and never shared. We take pride in our work and will continue to provide only dedicated proxies to our customers.

Where can I test my proxies?

Many of the bots proxy testers are inaccurate. We highly recommend Oculus AIO for testing proxies as well as manually via the browser. If you do test in your bot, only try 1 at a time for the most accurate results.

What IP address is required?

When we authenticate your proxies, the IPV4 address of your home IP or your server IP is required. To find out what is your IP, visit and enter the Public IPv4 in the authentication.

How can I access my order?

Once a successful order is placed, navigate to your name on the top right, and select My Orders. Your active plans will be displayed. Choose the plan you wish to configure by selecting the View/Configure Proxy. Simply enter the Authenticated IP you wish to enable, click Add and Save Config. Once saved, click View/Configure Proxy and your list will appear below! We have also made a simple guide located here,