Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose us?

Oculus Proxies is always a step ahead of every other provider. We get our IPs directly from the source. We work directly with ISPs and own all of our own equipment. All of our proxies are dedicated and are never shared. We have a team of veteran staff who have been in the sneaker reselling industry for several years and are most knowledgeable on anything proxy related.

What is a proxy and what are they in the context of sneakers/clothing/retail? Why do I need them?

Proxies are servers or middlemen that connects you to any websites. Servers are just computers to put it simply. You need proxies to be able to run multiple tasks on your bot.

Nowadays servers are needed to have an advantage in securing your items. We recommend servers to have a chance now days. You can check out our servers here.

Which proxies should I use?

We sell several different plans which can suit your need. ISP Proxies, ISP Premium Proxies and Residential Proxies

ISP Proxies work well for Captcha Solvers, Supreme Monitoring, and some retail sites.

Premium ISP Proxies work well for Supreme Monitoring, retail sites, and Footsites (when stock is available). Footsite proxies are not always available and when they are, we update it in the listing description. Please join our Discord for up to date information when Footsite proxies are available.

Residential Proxies work best on all sites, but you are limited to the amount of data you purchase. Depending on how many tasks you run and your delays, you could use all of your data in a matter of minutes.

If you would like to know if our proxies work on a specific website, please reach out to us through Discord.

Are servers necessary?

Servers can be purchased here

There are multiple contributing factors to why a server will help you be more successful.

Speeds - The average internet speed in the USA is 50.2mbps. Speeds are important when it comes to sneaker botting. Having faster speeds can increase your chances of purchasing hyped items. Our servers we sell are 1000mbps, and 10,000mbps.

Run 24/7 - Our servers are up 24/7. You do not need to worry about if your computer is on incase a shoe is restocking.

Fastest PING to websites - Most online retailers have their servers located in the same datacenters as us. Therefore your ping to these websites are typically <100ms. That is 1/10th of a second.

Access your server ANYWHERE - You are able to access your Oculus Server from any device (Laptop, Macbook, iPhone, Android)

Where can I test my proxies?

The best way to accurately test your proxies is to use our proxy tester, or by testing manually through your browser. Please download our proxy application here.

You can also test proxies manually through your browser. Follow either guide of these guides on how to test your proxies.

How to use our Oculus Proxies application

How to test our proxies manually through your browser

How can I access my order?

Once a successful order is placed, please visit your order page. You will need to configure your plan in order for them to work. We recommend following our guide here.